Carla Bertuol

With her own office since 2006, the Architect and Interior Designer Carla Bertuol is characterized as a dynamic professional, who is not attached to a style and, therefore, has made her mark in her early career. Eclecticism, cultural baggage, exclusivity, versatility, attitude are the most outstanding characteristics in their projects. Seeking inspiration in the four corners of the world, Carla mixes her good taste with new references and makes attention to every detail her trademark. His work mixes classic and sophisticated references with intelligent and timeless solutions. There are more than 400 projects delivered and, along this trajectory, some projects awarded internationally. His office counts on a team of professionals who guarantee the agility in the service, aligning the principles of adaptability, cost / benefit and innovation. Curious and attentive, she seeks incessantly customer satisfaction parallel to a work of excellence and personality.

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